Monday, November 22, 2010

Felted collars inspired by kangaroo paws

Lime and black kangaroo paw collar.
Black and red kangaroo paw neckpiece.
Red and black kangaroo paw neckpiece.
Red kangaroo paw collar.
Yellow kangaroo paw neckpiece.
These beautiful kangaroo paws are the inspiration for my new series of knitted felted neckpieces. Hand felting gives them the slightly fuzzy edges that are characteristic of the real flowers. My next challenge- perhaps a larger version, kangaroo paw scarf?!


  1. Oh WoW! These are so unique and so beautiful. The felt really gives it that furry look that kangaroo paw's have. So lovely! Good luck with the scarves.

  2. Thankyou,
    By the way, i make a frequent enjoyable visits to your blog, love your work- my most recent favorite your wombat pillow-case design- gorgeous!!


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